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Experience 21st Century Smoking with Era3

February 26th, 2013 by

Experience 21st Century Smoking with Era3

Nowadays everyone is a lot more health conscious than they used to be. Whether it’s monitoring how much water you drink, your fat intake or trying to eat more fruit and vegetables, the 21st century has definitely brought about a health kick for much of the country.

We’ve all seen a huge surge in the number of convenient, healthy-option foods available in the supermarket; now, that’s come for smokers too! Electronic cigarettes give you the freedom to get the nicotine you crave without compromising your health by inhaling all the dangerous carcinogens and chemicals that are contained in cigarette smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes: The Perfect Smoking Substitute

Using a combination of water vapour, nicotine and flavourings to create realistic smoke, electronic cigarettes are the perfect substitute for smokers that enjoy a cigarette but want to ditch all the health risks associated with smoking.

eGo-T-Electronic-Cigarette-2-packWe offer a huge range of electronic cigarettes, accessories and liquid so that you can choose the perfect style, flavour and strength of liquid to suit your needs. Ranging from extra high strength to nicotine free liquid, you can tailor your electronic cigarette to meet your craving requirements. The idea is that, over time, you reduce the strength of the liquid until you’re receiving no nicotine at all, then you can ditch the habit completely for good.

Experience modern day smoking with electronic cigarettes from Era3. Not only do they massively reduce the health risks associated with smoking, they’re also completely legal to smoke pretty much anywhere and pose no harm to anyone in the vicinity – because there’s no real smoke!

Kick The Habit For Good With An Electronic Cigarette

There’s never been a better way to kick the habit for good than with an electronic cigarette. Experience the nicotine hit and smoking you crave without the need for going outside and bothering others with your smoke. Because electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, they’re convenient to use anywhere and are discreet too – about the size of a pen, they can easily be stored in a pocket or handbag.

So join in the health revolution of the 21st century buy electronic cigarettes from Era3 – once you’ve tried one you’ll never look back!

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Page updated 28th Jun 2018, 13:01
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Page updated 28th Jun 2018, 13:01

Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is becoming more popular as increasing numbers of people opt to use it an alternative. However,  Electronic cigarettes create vapour that resembles the smoke from a cigarette, making it seem like a normal cigarette but with the important advantage that it doesn’t have the carbon monoxide, the tar or other harmful chemicals.  So don’t hesitate any longer - buy electronic cigarettes today and see how they work.

The electronic cigarette is a great alternative,  but they also have a similar effect as normal cigarettes, except without the tar, carbon monoxide or the other damaging chemicals that come with them. The electronic cigarette is becoming enormously popular as they provide you with the same benefits as other products that will help fight the cravings . Add to this the huge savings that you can make.

Cheap E Cigarettes

With the e-Cigarette it no longer has to be hard; the E-cigarette work like a normal cigarette because it produces a vapour to imitate smoke. However none of the E-cigarette products contain harmful chemicals such as tar or carbon monoxide. E-cigarettes are now one of the most effective cheaper alternative to smoking, With Era3, it isn’t hard to find cheap E-cigarettes you can afford.

Electronic cigarettes will work as an aid along with traditional cigarettes. However, with E-cigs it may not be as tough as you think.  . This is because they help to regulate your nicotine level, which means you won’t crave a real cigarette as much.

Best Electronic Cigarette

The E-cigarettes generally use a vapour within the cigarette that replicates the effects of smoke from an ordinary cigarette. We provide a range of cheap electronic cigarette that gives you all the taste of  tabacco flavour and now fruit flavours without all the harmful chemicals. We offer a wide range so that you can find a taste that suits you. We also supply a wide array of products from discount E-cigarettes to stylish electronic cigar.

Era3 is your ultimate destination for getting best electronic cigarette UK. We are offering exclusive quality Era3 cigarette which can help you out to bid adieu to traditional cigarettes.The popularity of electronic cigarette UK is increasing at a rapid speed as more and more people are showing huge interest towards using this product.

We are one of the trusted names in the industry of electronic cigarettes UK. We are offering best quality products which can give you a whole new experience about smoking. Smoking Era3 cigarettes will give you the true feel of traditional cigarettes but with a difference, which will help you to turn your mind off from nicotine enriched traditional cigarettes.

We are following the latest technology towards making of best e cigarette UK. Our product will give you the experience of traditional cigs as our product will imitate smoke in same manner as that of a traditional one. We are not using any harmful product for making of E Cigarettes.

Era3 offers cheap e cigarettes which is pocket friendly for the users and excellent in taste. Our main Motto is to help people quit smoking as that is harmful for health. Quitting smoking is not easy and that’s why we developed this unique product which is free from tar and nicotine and yet capable to offer the same delight to smokers.

Being a trusted E Cig Brands of UK which can surely change the world for cigarettelovers we promise that our product will never give you the chance to complain.

Stay Healthy and enjoy smoking the Era3 Cigarettes. Now you can smoke with style  with Era3. Visit our website today to find what we have in our bag for you. Trust us and try our products today for an amazing experience of smoking.