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White Label Service

white label service
NOW OFFERING: 'Own Brand' White Label Service
Era3 are now offering an exclusive white label service to interested parties. We have an experienced team dedicated to helping you create, launch and introduce your OWN BRAND E-Cig products into this growing multi-million pound industry.
We at Era3 have developed a carefully selected collection of the finest e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the market today. They are competively priced for you, whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, c&c or an independent shop or stand.
Known as the Vaping InnoVators, you will find Era3's  flavours unique in quality and taste and of course they have gone through the rigourous trials, tests and QCs to authenticate their pedigree.
Quite simply, we pride ourselves in being thorough in all aspects of our business and we therefore deliver the finest electronic cigarettes, liquids, and accessories in the marketplace today.
Attractive packaging and detailed product information ensures your products will stand out and grab attention - all aimed at helping the end user to enjoy the Era3 Experience (branded as your 'own name' product!)
Our displays and blister packs for the retail sector are designed to take up minimum space while delivering maximum impact and visibility. Increasing your sales volume is what we are about.
21st June 2014, 15:55
Page updated 21st Jun 2014, 15:55
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Page updated 21st Jun 2014, 15:55