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Vaper lll - Latest Edition E-Cig to Era3 Now Available In 3 Exquisite Colours

Vaper lll


Whether you’re new to electronic cigarettes or you’re a vaping old-timer looking for a top quality device, Era3 have the ideal product for you.

This original model e-cigarette has been established to suit all needs, really give that throat it feeling, and offer a variety of options to you; whether you’re the new or neophyte Vaper who is looking for the highest quality first time experience or the experienced Vaper desiring to advance and upgrade. VAPER III IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

Features of Vaper III:


• Simple to use and preserve.

• Easy to fill

• Selection of colours and styles to choose from with a huge range of accessories.

• Lightweight thus portable


So join the Era3 family, where our latest product Vaper III has already become the most popular, well liked, leading product for our Vapers.

Vaper III really is unsurpassed!

26th June 2015, 17:39
Page updated 26th Jun 2015, 17:39
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Page updated 26th Jun 2015, 17:39