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Fruit Flavoured Concentrated E-Liquid 30ml

Fruit Flavoured Concentrated  E-Liquid 30ml


Product rating: *****
Part number: 30ml-FRU
£0.73 inc. VAT
Sold out

Discount 95% Discount will expire 29th March 2018

E-Liquid 30ml Refill Bottle Strength’s Available At Era3:

  • Extra High Strength (24mg – 2.4%)
  •  High Strength (18mg – 1.8%)
  • Medium Strength (12mg – 1.2%)
  • Low Strength (0.6%)
  • Zero Strength (0mg - 0%) – ONLY SELECTED FLAVOURS AVAILABLE

The 3 elements of an Era-3 E-liquid:

  • Nicotine - The stimulant and the addictive substance in cigarettes.
  • Flavouring - Nicotine has no substantial taste. Therefore to create the taste in your e-liquid, a flavour needs to be added. Here at Era3, we believe we stock not only the most sublime flavourings, but also the finest quality flavourings, with the widest and most invigorating ranges available for you to enjoy.
  • Diluents - The final ingredient is the diluent. This performs two of the most important roles in your electronic cigarette. Firstly, it dilutes the mixture of your nicotine and flavour solution to provide the correct strength. Secondly, it yields the vapour that is inhaled and transports both the flavour and nicotine mixture from the electronic cigarette to the user, to give that throat hit feeling you desire! is your nicotine ‘’vape’’ station for your e-cigarettes as:

  • It works well with any electronic cigarette on the market
  • It allows you to use just a few drops of our e-liquid solution into your mix whereby you’re still guaranteed the best quality vapour.
  • Refills are another great way to enjoy your nicotine fix. (Available for certain Era3 models)

However, aside from buying refill cartridges all the time, you may simply use 1 to 4 drops (depends on the e-cig model) of our e-liquid nicotine solution into your empty cartridge. Merely light one up and you’re good to go- It really is easy as pie!

Here at Era3, our main aim is to try our best to keep our customers content by solely giving you what you want and as best as we can; and what better way than to give you huge savings on our e-liquids-simply remarkable!

Did you know, here at Era3, one 30ml bottle of the e-liquid refill is as good as 30 packs of the usual tobacco cigarettes, but for a much cheaper price?

And it doesn’t end there - if you’re a beginner and you want to start off with something smaller first, or you’re just not that much of a heavy smoker, we also provide 10ml e-liquids which are a great deal for those who smoke less than the average!

So come join us at Era 3 with our great collection of flavours, where you can also select and combine as you wish to come up with your own custom e-liquid taste. It`s never ending!




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