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Universal Cartomizers - Compatible With Era3 Cartomiser Models (5 Pack)

Universal Cartomizers - Compatible With Era3 Cartomiser Models (5 Pack)


e-cigarette-universal-cartomisers(1) e-cigarette-universal-cartomisers(2)
Product rating: *****
Part number: CART-5
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Discount 95% Discount will expire 29th March 2018

Universal Cartomisers compatible with all Era3 cartomiser models.

1 x 5 Packs of Univeral Cartomizers (Tobacco ,Cherry & Mint/Menthol)
- High Strength (18mg)

This universal cartomizer is slightly different to the cartridge model of starter kits . The cartomizer works better than a cartridge as it has a built in atomizer device which is longer lasting, no burning out and throat hit is much more stronger than a cartridge model starter kit. Where the cartridge model would be still good for all types of smokers, the cartomizer model would be a step better for the more regular and heavier smokers just to give that little bit more satisfaction, which a cartridge model may hesitate to offer.

A 5 pack of cartomizers is capable of achieving 2000 puffs,which is around the equivalent of approx 200 traditional cigarettes.

NOTE: This cartomiser is compatible with most models of e-cigarette . (some may vary) It connects to the electronic cigarette battery with a male fitting (see images)

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