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Platinum Edition E-Liquid

Electronic Cigarette / ***TPD E-Cigs Clearance*** /

D250 Disposable Electronic Cigarette

D250 Disposable Electronic Cigarette


D250 D250 - disposable (2)
Product rating: *****
Part number: DIS-D250
£0.25 inc. VAT
Sold out

Discount 95% Discount will expire 29th July 2017

The Package Includes:

Includes Electronic Cigarette BatteryFull Electronic Cigarette including:
Includes Electronic Cigarette AtomiserBuilt in Atomiser

Includes 7 x Electronic Cigarette CartridgesBuilt in Cartridge
Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerBuilt in Battery
Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerBlister Pack

Availble in: Tobacco (12mg/18mg)
                   Menthol  (12mg/18mg)

Dimensions: (full length: cartridge and battery)
Length: 9.2cm Width (Diameter): 0.26cm

Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerDifferent flavour and strength can be chosen
Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerProvides you upto 250 puffs with jus one e-cig!
Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerNo need to charge. Can use in the bar or any public place.
Includes Electronic Cigarette Wall ChargerLooks like a traditional cigarette. Great value, attractive and convenient.

No need for re-charging or replacing fading atomisers and cartridges! Just use until it dies and then dispose of it. Just one disposable D250 e-cig is equivalent to a full packet of cigarettes!

Era3 is a global leader in e-cigarette innovation and is committed to offering smokers of legal age a healthier alternative. Era3 e-cigarettes are easy to use, smoke free and contain no tar nor other carcinogenic substances found in traditional cigarettes.




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