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Era3 Returns Policy

Returning a non-faulty item

If you have purchased a product from us here at Era3 and have not found what you were looking for, then don`t worry. We can provide a 14 day refund of our products as long as the item has not been used and is in it`s original packaging. You must include any accessory items such as plugs, cables etc. Please be aware that if the plastic security seals are broken or a blister pack has been opened then this is not classed as original packaging and you will not be eligible for a product refund.

The only charge you will incur when returning an item is a postal charge. Please note that this is being sent on your behalf and is your responsibility to ensure it reaches us in good condition. Therefore, we recommend that for more expensive items you use a special delivery service which requires a signature from us clarifying your items arrival.

Unfortunately, we can not accept items if:
- The package does not arrive at us in a resalable condition.
- The package is damaged in any way.

If you wish to return a non-faulty item to us, then please contact a member of our customer service team on 01254 54266 / 54244 or alternatively on and you will be guided on to how to return your item/s.

Returning a faulty item

If you have recieved defective ,faulty or wrong product, Pls notify us within 7 days of recipt, and return back to us, our full adress is on the contact us page, we will send out a replacement upon reciept of the origional order,The life of any e- cig products is dependent on your usage according to the manufacturers instructions, these products are subject to wear and tear. We are not liable to to refund or compensate you where the product has been damaged due to wear and tear.

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Page updated 29th Jan 2015, 10:00