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Can I really smoke it anywhere?

Can I Really Smoke Anywhere?

Cigarettes are banned in public places mostly because of the damaging effects of second hand smoke...

Electronic cigarettes DO NOT produce smoke!  They produce a harmless vapour.  There is no threat to others from second hand smoke!

So YES, you can use it in no smoking areas.  Users can puff on it in buses, cinemas, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and apartments that prohibit smoking. Please do remember that when others see you with an electronic cigarette between your fingers and lips it will attract attention. Especially as it looks just like a cigarette and the end will light up red and vapour is released, people will assume you are smoking a conventional cigarette. When the LED light flickers in the dark it will definitely make heads turn.

We would advise users to be considerate in some situations, for example, in cinemas the vapour will cause a viewing distraction to those behind you, so it is recommended you still act with caution and consideration to others.

It would be best to let individuals know that you're using e-cigarettes and politely ask their permission if it's okay to use it in their presence.

Page updated 4th Sep 2013, 12:13
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Page updated 4th Sep 2013, 12:13