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What do I need to get started?

You need a starter Kit.

An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit consists of

1.       A battery (The White piece)

2.       The cartridge (the brown bit) and

3.       An Atomiser (the metal bit between the cartridge and the battery which is usually hidden inside the cartridge).

4.       A charger to charge up the battery.  There are :

  • Wall chargers (plugged into a socket)
  • Car chargers (plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in your car) and...
  • USB chargers (plugs into a USB port on your computer or laptop)

Some kits will consist of just the USB charger, some will have just the wall charger and there are complete kits which consist of all three types of chargers.

Page updated 4th Sep 2013, 12:13
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Page updated 4th Sep 2013, 12:13