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What else do I need to know about electronic cigarettes?

What Else Do I Need To Know?

All components have a limited lifespan.  All electronic cigarettes have a limited lifespan.  They will start to lose power after some use.  So you will need to replace components from time to time.

Battery Life Our electronic cigarette batteries last from between 30 days to 90 days should you be a daily user using at 200 inhales per day.  However, some batteries are larger than others i.e. the cigar battery will last longer than the mini electronic cigarette battery. 

Atomisers Lifespan We recommend the atomiser to be replaced at least every month.  As the atomiser does most of the hard work to deliver the nicotine, it is the most important element within your e-cig.  Again, lifespan will depend on your frequency of use.

Lifespan of Cartridges Each of our cartridges have their own lifespan which is displayed on our cartridge page.  Some will last you a as little as a day, but others will be good for a couple of days depending on use. 

Cartridges will often need to be replaced daily.

It would be cost effective to purchase complete starter kits every couple of months rather than purchase spares as and when needed.

Will The E-Cig Really Help Me Stop Smoking?


If you use the electronic cigarettes to wean yourself of traditional cigarettes, then please do not assume it will be an easy transition.  You will feel cravings and the temptations to light up.  E-cigs can be used as an aid to give up smoking but you should not believe it makes for an immediate change.

Your will to give up is most important .

Era3 will provide Tips & tricks to help you in your battle to give up.  But just think of the improvement in your health, the cost savings and the impact on your family should you achieve your goal.


Not For Under 18s Or During Pregnancy

It is illegal to sell tobacco/nicotine based products to under 18s, therefore we will refuse sales to individuals should we gain knowledge of under age purchases.

Smoking during pregnancy may also harm the baby and era3 would not recommend use our products during pregnancy.

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